Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. The real winner is Kids in Distress who receive the money but for bragging rights and a name on the plack our winner is Donna Howard! This year a total of $584.55 was collected. The club choose to round it up to $600.00 to give to Kids in Distress. Thank you to both captains, Donna Howard and Kelly Parker! Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new captains and a new charity. Captain's Janie Howard with Team Beach Babes and Lynda Caryl with Team Jimmy's Tiny Pirates. This time we are raising for Ennis Center for Children. Good Luck Ladies, the game is on again!

Road Clean-Up

Sept. 29, 2019 was our last Road Clean-Up of the season. A small group of 7 gathered at the Ride/Share at I94 and Fred Moore Highway. We got donuts, our safety vests and the Scavenger Hunt lists. After posing for a picture we were off to clean the west bound side of I94 between Fred Moore and Allington. Our favorite driver Kelly Parker blasted Buffett music as she followed us along the highway.

You know we always find the most intresting things along the road. A rare find is a license plate. First Steve Padgett found one then Steve Meyer found one. Steve Meyer's plate was a Canadian plate so it was a "twofor". One point for a plate and one point for something Canadian. Candi Lozowski found a Red Wings flag. Bill Padgett found a pair of pants for a doll, yes that counts as an article of clothing. No Steve, a real maple leaf doesn't count as something Canadian!

We were able to clean almost the whole west bound side before our time was up. We went back to the Ride/Share to tally up our Sacvenger Hunt lists. Steve Padgett was the winner with 11 items! He won the cash prize! Cograts Steve! We used 14 bags this time.

We decided to go to Adair Bar for lunch.

Thank you Steve Padgett for chairing this for us each year. You are the best Road Boss! Thanks to Ane and Steve for bringing the water. Thanks to Candi and Tom for bringing the donuts. Thanks to all who came out each time to clean. We will see you again next year.