Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. The real winner is Kids in Distress who receive the money but for bragging rights and a name on the plack our winner is Donna Howard! This year a totle of $584.55 was collected. The club choose to round it up to $600.00 to give to Kids in Destress. Thank you to both captains, Donna Howard and Kelly Parker! Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long. Donna was not at the meeting for her picture with the plack so Kelly took it for her. Kelly was heard to say that they just spelled her name wrong on the plack. We don't think so Kelly but nice try! I will get a picture of Donna holding the plack.

We now start again with two new captains and a new charity. Captain's Janie Howard and Lynda Caryl will have their team names next meeting. Good Luck Ladies, the game is on again!

Bowling Fundraiser

April 27, 2019 Parrot Heads had a Bowling Fundraiser to benefit the Volunteers Assisting the Disabled. This is a group that helps the disabled go to a camp north of Lexington. We bowled at the Bowl-O-Drome/Zebra Bar for $10.00 per person for 2 games. We had Raffle Baskets and a 50/50 drawing. Deb ran the bowling tickets, Jim was working raffle tickets until Erik took over and Sheri set up the baskets.

They had four lanes for us and had our club name on them. We set up our teams and started to bowl.

Some people from the Volunteers Assisting the Disabled came to help us out. We had Branden, Kendra, Ian and Jessica. We can't forget Bella the Therapy Dog!

After bowling we did the drawing for the raffle and 50/50. With his perfect announcer voice, Erik did all the announcements and the drawings. One of the guys working at the Bowling Alley won the 50/50 which was $100.00. The baskets brought in $298.00. All went to the Volunteers Assisting the Disabled. After cleaning up we went to Lynch's for dinner.

We need to thank Pauline Nofs for chairing this event and Jim Racz for taking over when she had to take an exam on the day of the event. Thanks to everyone who donated a basket or basket item. Thanks to Sheri McColman for organizing the raffle. Thanks to Erik Parker for selling tickets and announcing. Thanks to everyone who came out to bowl and support this fundraiser. You are all great Parrot Heads.

Float Build

The Saturday before the St. Patrick's Day parade, we got together at the pole barn to decorate the float. The pot of gold, the leprechaun and the rainbow all went on with other green shamrocks. The new and improved porthole lights were installed and changing colors. Too bad it was a bright day so they really didn't show their best. Jim also make new back doors for the ship. It looked good if we do say so ourselves. After the build, everyone was invited to LaCroix in St. Clair for dinner and to hear 10 Beach Drive.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 16th was the parade. It was also the coldest day of the week with bitter wind. Not many in the parade or watching the parade. Some prep had to be done at the line up so it didn't blow off in route to the line up. It was worth it because we won Best Business trophy!!

We were really cold so we wanted to go! Our faithful driver, Donna was ready and warm (lucky her). Steve and Pauline were carrying the banner. Austin was checking the music and Ken was our Irish Pirate, or should we call him our Irish Pirish?

When we reached the end of the parade we all jumped on the float to ride back to the start. Most went inside the ship to keep warm. The gang went to Palm's Krystal Bar for lunch. They are wonderful and always have room for us. They take our picture for their web site, yes we are that much fun! That is the pic used on their site. So tell me the truth doesn't Ken and Pauline look like The Captain and Tennille? Alexis made it clear that she likes it when other people are being tickled but not when she was being tickled. The knife wasn't sharp but Pauline pulled back quick.

After eating we went to town to start crawling. Our first stop was to Rix's Rooftop. They had a great DJ playing. We hung out there for a long time.

Soon things start to get a little crazy! Is that Jim with a Crown on the Rocks? What is that on Pauline's face??? See what I mean.

Well we did as much damage we could do there so we were off to Lynch's for a beer. Then across the street to Fuel for a beer. Then back across the street and around the corner to The Roche for cherries. We were talking about getting some dinner but Tom noticed his wedding ring was gone! We back tracked to try to find it but didn't. On Sunday after Tom posted it on facebook the wonderful person who found it contacted him. What are the odds that he really got it back? She found it on the sidewalk outside of Cavis' about 20 minutes after we noticed it gone. It must have been the luck of the Irish!!

All in all it was a good parade and crawl. We want to thank Jim and Donna Howard for chairing the parade and doing so much work. Thanks to everyone who showed up to decorate, march and crawl. We can't do this without all of you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!