Spare Change Challenge

Our club is starting a new year for our fundraiser for Kids in Distress. Two new teams have been chosen with two new leaders. There is Kelly Parker captain for Tropical Tykes and Donna Howard for Babies in Paradise. We are still asking all members to gather and bring in as much spare change they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the change in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for their name and team name on the plaque, all money will go to Kids in Distress. Please help!

Last year's Challenge was between Captains Candi Lozowski with team Pinky Poo and Austin Piechotte with team Blue Water Babies. After a year of begging for spare change they raised just under $1,000.00 with only a $12.00 difference between them. Team Pinky Poo was higher and Candi's name was the first name on the plaque. The real winner here is March of Dimes! Thanks to everyone!

Road Clean-Up

On Sept. 23rd we gathered for the last Road Clean-Up of the summer. We got our vests, donuts and Scavenger Hunt lists and headed out to clean our section of I94. Because we had 10 cleaners and 2 drivers we split onto two groups, one started on the east bound side and the other started on the west bound side. Our two drivers were Kelly Parker and Pauline Nofs.

As we cleaned we checked off our Scavenger Hunt list. About half way we saw the other group. It really wasn't that dirty this cleaning and we didn't find too many interesting items. Candi tried to share the two unopened beers she found but had no takers.

At about noon we were pretty much finished with both sides so we called it good for the season. Meeting back at the Ride/Share, we tallied up the lists and the winner was Jim Racz! Congrats Jim! Then we went off to Adair Bar for lunch.

Thank you Steve Padgett for chairing this for us each year. Thank you for the two drivers, Kelly and Pauline. And of course, thanks to everyone who came out to do the cleaning. We had a total of 17 bags collected. See you next year for the 2019 cleaning season.

15 Year Anniversary Party

Can you believe we started this craziness 15 years ago? And we are still going strong? Neither do I, but it is true! That means we need a party! Jim and Donna Howard offered their house and yard for the celebration. We brought chairs, a dish to pass and our drinks. A gift to all members were given out, a special Koozie to remember the day. If you didn't come you still can get the koozie at the next meeting. We got a beautifully decorated cake for the occasion.

Jim grilled burgers, Tom and Candi brought the famous Gumbo and Steve brought THE DESSERT. Everyone else brought some type of dish like salads or desserts or Jell-O shots!

We did have the Boat Drink Contest. Our judges this year were Bob Howard, Steve Padgett and Pat McKenzie. We only had three contestants. First up was Candi Lozowski with Parrot Milk. She was dressed as a parrot and told the story of how Jimmy Buffett got his inspiration to be a star. She showed us what happens when a parrot is milked to long. In her word, "It ain't pretty!" You had to be there to see it!

Next up was Pauline Nofs with Ice Cream Shot. She was a throw back to the days of the soda jerks with a history of the song "I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream". She had two different ice cream drinks, one was called Finilla Vanilla and the other was Toasted Coconutta.

Last but not least was Kelly Parker with Island Girl. She did a very fancy mixing and blending of what looked like a great smoothy. But wait she had something hiding behind the bar. At the end she pulled out the cups which were hollowed out pineapples with cups inside. First she put in the drinks then pulled out a surprise! The tops of the pineapples which were carved and trimmed to look like parrots. She even made pineapple rings cooked with Fireball and spices that tasted like apple pie.

It was a very hard job for the judges. I don't know how they did it but prizes were awarded. Kelly got best drink and Pauline got best presentation! Congratulation ladies! Steve announced the winners, they will both get $25.00. If you didn't see the presentations you really missed out. A lot of work and talant goes into those drinks.

After the contest it was time to light the fire. Our own private fireman, Bill Pagdett was there to take charge. He got a really good fire going. We all started talking about last year when we burned Pyro Pete, the wooden spool doll. Someone said that we should burn the parrots on Kelly's drink. Bill got them and we sacrificed them to the Parrot Head Tiki gods for another 15 years of friends and fun.

We want to thank all the Parrot Heads that has kept this club going for all these years! Thank you to Jim and Donna for opening up their house for the party. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed themselves. To all who brought a dish to pass and who participated in the drink contest. Thank you all Parrot Heads! Here is to another wonderful year! Phins Up ~~~^~~~

Putt'in 4 Paws Fundraiser

On July 22 our club set out to help the Sanilac County Humane Society by playing golf. Twenty-seven Parrot Heads showed up in the rain to play putt putt golf. Jim and Karen Racz set this up for us. They also asked for donations for the Humane Society and had a raffle.

We started to play golf but the rain really started to come down. Most of us ran onto the office but some stayed out and played in the rain. Brave people! We were able to get a pic of the donations with some of us. Deb's niece was there and it was her birthday so Deb brought a cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her and enjoyed the cake. When the rain stopped some went back out to finish playing golf. Jim went out to test the dog toys!

The workers at the Putt'in 4 Paws, who were wonderful to us, wanted a picture of everyone by the waterfall. It is like herding cats sometimes to get Parrot Heads together for a picture but we did it. Then some of us went to Steis's for the Phriday Pheeding Phrenzy. We took up two tables.

We were able to raise $158.00 at the event plus the 50/50 from the last meeting giving us a total amout of $223.00. Also all the items that were brought in for donations, which included about 168.5 pounds of dry pet food. Great job, Parrot Heads. Thanks go to Karen Racz for heading this up for us. Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain and donated.