March Of Dimes Fundraiser

Our club is starting a fundraiser for March of Dimes. We have two teams: blue known as Team Blue Water Babies led by Austin Piechotte and pink known as Team Pinky-Poo led by Candi Lozowski. We are asking all members to gather and bring in as many dimes they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the dimes in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for a "bragging rights" winner, all money will go to March of Dimes. Please help!

It looks like Austin really stepped up his game!! He went all out with costume, props and music!! Team Blue Water Babies is now playing hard ball. Can Team Pinky-Poo top that next month.

Float Decorating

We gathered at the pole barn to get our float ready for St. Patrick's Day! The pot of gold, the Leprechaun and the green sails went on the pirate ship. Not to mention every green shamrock we could find. Some minor touch ups need to be done on the float as well. Some how the plastic plate windows don't seem to hold up like real windows, go figure? Also some painting was needed on the hull. Kelly did it without wearing gloves to cover her freshly painted shamrock nails. I hope you didn't ruin them before the Pub Crawl!!

After decorating the float we all headed to Lacroix for dinner and to hear 10 Beach Drive play. Thank you Jim and Donna for getting this all set for us. See you at the parade.

St. Patrick's Day Parade and Pub Crawl

It was a very cold Saturday morning when we gathered for the St. Pat's parade. I think that St. Patrick was punishing Port Huron for having it a week early. I was really surprised at how many peaple showed up to march, way to go Parrot Heads! OK I know you were only there for the pub crawl!! We had more people in the parade than watching it! Ken Nofs dressed as our token Pirate, Austin and friend Vincent decked out their bikes and road along side the float. Jim was our driver with Donna as co-pilot. Then we just waited for it to start. Then we were off!!

You can see some odd people on the parade route. Is that "Macho Man" Randy Savage??

After the parade we had Bob Howard waiting with a table at Palm's Krystal Bar. Great to see you out with us Janie! We ate corned beef and drank green beer. We even sang the Unicorn Song for prizes. Then it was back to town to start crawling and maybe some Shananigans!!

Remember what I said about seeing some odd people, well Steve met a couple. And then we ran into Chewbaca (I have no idea how to spell that). We found Kelly and Erik.

Thank you Jim and Donna for chairing the parades. Thank you to everyone who came to help decorate. Thank you to everyone who came out to march in the parade and crawl the bars. We can't do this without club participation. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Bowling Fundraiser

We decided to put on a Bowling Fundraiser to benefit Hunter Hospitality House. Pauline Nofs volunteered to chair it with a group of Parrot Heads. She reserved Port Huron Lanes, got donations for baskets and set up a 50/50. First order of business was to assemble the baskets. We gathered at Tom and Candi's house for a party; I mean work on the baskets. We did a pretty good job. We had a total of 23 baskets.

On the day of the fundraiser, Karen Racz collected the tickets or money at the door. Kelly and Erik Parker set up the 50/50 and basket raffles. Look at the good job they all did.

We had 34 bowling tickets sold in all. So I guess there was nothing left to do but start bowling. Here we are hanging out and bowling.

Raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets were sold while bowling was happening. We had a few pretty good bowlers. Erik came up with the idea that if you got a turkey (three strikes in a row) we would call it a Parrot and you got a free ticket for the baskets. We did give out quite a few tickets. Erik used his official announcer voice to make all the announcements. He also called the number for the 50/50. The afternoon's winner was Mike Beebe with $138.00. Being a charity fundraiser we asked people in attendence to bring paper products to help Hunter Hospitality House. They didn't disappoint.

Once the bowling was over it was time to draw the winners for the baskets. Drawing and claming prizes took a little but Kelly and Pauline kept things running smoothly. Nice prize Donna!

When we were all done, who ever wanted to go to Casey's Pizza for the Phriday Pheeding Phrenzy met us there. We had a reservation for 12-20 but 30 arrived. You never know how many of us will show up! They got us in and we ate.

It was a really good time! We raised $794.00 plus $40.00 Canadian for Hunter Hospitality House and all the paper products. A big thank you to Pauline Nofs for chairing. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the raffle, thanks to those who came out to bowl and bought tickets for the raffles. We couldn't have done such a great job without you!! Phins Up Parrot Heads!!