Spare Change Challenge

Our club is starting a new year for our fundraiser for March of Dimes. Two new teams have been chosen with two new leaders. There is Kelly Parker captain for Tropical Tykes and Donna Howard for Babies in Paradise. We are still asking all members to gather and bring in as many dimes they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the dimes in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for their name and team name on the plaque, all money will go to March of Dimes. Please help! The name of the fundraiser has been changed so we can change the charity we donate to if we wish.

Last year's Challenge was between Captains Candi Lozowski with team Pinky Poo and Austin Piechotte with team Blue Water Babies. After a year of begging for spare change they raised just under $1,000.00 with only a $12.00 difference between them. Team Pinky Poo was higher and Candi's name was the first name on the plaque. The real winner here is March of Dimes! Thanks to everyone!

Road Clean Up

It was our second Road Clean Up of the summer and it came on one of the hottest days of the year. Five brave souls showed up to clean on that sweltering day.... no wait a minute just after we took the group picture Jim Racz showed up and jumped into the next picture. Now we have six brave souls! We got our vests, donuts and Scavenger Hunt lists. Very nice hat Ane, is that to keep the bugs away from your face? Great idea!

We were then off to clean the west bound side of I94. You find the funniest things on the side of the road. Well Steve, don't let anyone tell you that "SIZE" doesn't matter.

For some strange reason there were lots of white feathers on the side of the road. Bill Padgett picked one up and put it in his hat. We then named him "Chief Fire Starter". Not to be undone by his brother, Steve Padgett picked one up and put it in his hat too. We named him "Little Cheif Fuzzy One". It was a little fuzzy feather after all. We thought it was funny!

We were able to clean most of the west bound side before noon and the heat took us over. So we quit before passing out and counted up the list items to find a winner. Jim Racz won with 10 items. Congrats Jim!

We then decided to go to Adair Bar for lunch.

We want to thank Steve Padgett for being our "Dumpster Dude". Also everyone who came out to clean, you make the highway so much cleaner! We gathered 15 bags of trash this time. We have only one more cleaning this summer on Sept.23rd. If you want to have this kind of fun and maybe win money for most items then join us.

International Day Parade

It was a beautiful day for a parade; not too hot and not too cold. The theme for the parade is Holidays. Our best float is always St. Patrick's Day so that is what we went with. Since it is a pirate ship we decided on "Pirish"!

Everyone did a great job of being either pirate or Irish or both. Then Pauline Nofs showed up in her Tiki God costume from last year's Boat Drink Contest. That took the cake!! Everyone loved her and she was dancing down the parade route. Jim Racz road his scooter through the parade. Donna Howard drove the Jeep pulling the float. The Howard's grandson and friends helped out passing out the candy. And we were off!

Jim Howard and Ken Nofs started to sword fight during the route. People loved the float, pirates and the Tiki. We found some of the Big Heads from the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade were there. The Tiki got a picture with the Toucan. If you saw the Times Herald the next day you saw Ken on the float on the front page, above the fold! Way to go Parrot Heads!!

Thank you to Jim and Donna Howard for chairing the parades. Thanks to everyone who helped build the float, dressed once again in green St. Pat's garb and who marched in the parade.