Spare Change Challenge

Our club is starting a new year for our fundraiser for Kids in
Distress. Two new teams have been chosen with two new leaders. There is Kelly Parker captain for Tropical Tykes and Donna Howard for Babies in Paradise. We are still asking all members to gather and bring in as much spare change they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the change in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for their name and team name on the plaque, all money will go to Kids in Distress. Please help!

Last year's Challenge was between Captains Candi Lozowski with team Pinky Poo and Austin Piechotte with team Blue Water Babies. After a year of begging for spare change they raised just under $1,000.00 with only a $12.00 difference between them. Team Pinky Poo was higher and Candi's name was the first name on the plaque. The real winner here is March of Dimes! Thanks to everyone!

Halloween Party

This year we celebrated Halloween at Windjammer in Lexington. Our favorite band, 10 Beach Drive
was playing there on Oct. 27th. A group of Parrot Heads dressed in costume and went to party.

Here is the gang before the band started. Now for the couples by themselves. Jim and Donna as Cowboys, Tom and Candi as
Salt & Pepper, Ken and Pauline as Pirate Skeletons, Kelly and Jess as Grandma and Carry, Erik as a Trick or Beer Person and of
course the Band!

We ate, drank and did some dancing. Grandma did her best to keep
up. Tom and Candi tried to add spice to the party.
Pauline wanted to see what she would look like with a
mustache. Donna was tired and wanted to get some sleep, Cowgirl style.

They were supposed to have a costume contest but that never
happened. You can pick the best contume for yourself.
It was a good time! Happy Halloween everyone!!