March Of Dimes Fundraiser

Our club is starting a fundraiser for March of Dimes. We have two teams: blue known as Team Blue Water Babies led by Austin Piechotte and pink known as Team Pinky-Poo led by Candi Lozowski. We are asking all members to gather and bring in as many dimes they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the dimes in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for a "bragging rights" winner, all money will go to March of Dimes. Please help!

It looks like Austin really stepped up his game!! He went all out with costume, props and music!! Team Blue Water Babies is now playing hard ball. Can Team Pinky-Poo top that next month.

Christmas Parade

On Nov. 24th (Black Friday) Parrot Heads gathered for the Christmas Parade. For a change the weather was pleasant. We did have high winds which played havoc with the sails but it really wasn't that cold or rainy or snowing.We had a small group this year but we did our best to represent. Donna drove the Jeep; Lynda and Steve carried the banner; Tom dressed as the parrot and the rest of us passed out candy to the kids. It all went well.

Thank you to those who came to march, got candy to pass out, helped decorate and tear down the float. Thank you to Jim and Donna Howard for chairing the parades for us. Merry Christmas everyone!

Float Decorating

On Nov. 18th, a very cold and rainy day we got together at the Howard's house to decorate the float for the Christmas parade. The six brave souls that went out to work were dressed in rain gear. It didn't matter we still all got soaked to the bone but we did what we could do. Some of the lights got up. Hopefully Jim will be able to complete the rest before the parade.

Then we went to the basement to eat and dry out. Bob Howard couldn't find the right cup for his drink but that didn't stop him from making one. He just got the next biggest thing he could find. We all got our drinks and things seem to get much better.

After we ate, some started to play games. Others like Tom and Bill just played on their phones.

The rest of the evening went that way. Maybe that big cup was too much for Bob, see what happens when he tried to roll six dice!

A big thank you to Jim and Donna Howard for hosting the float build at their house and having the after party. Thanks to those who came to help and brought food and drinks. We will see you at the parade on Black Friday!

Halloween Party

Our favorite band, 10 Beach Drive was playing at the Richmond Moose Lodge on Oct. 28th for their Halloween Party. It was open to the public so we all went. We dressed up in our favorite costumes and tried to win prizes. The club was very nice and welcoming to us. Here are some of the Parrot Heads in costume.

They had food and drinks. Once the band started playing we were all on the dance floor. I guess Ken and Pauline couldn't find a baby shark-sitter! Soon it was time to judge the costumes. We all lined up for the audience applause. Each one took turns walking out on stage. It was down to 5 or 6 people but the only Parrot Head was Kelly Parker's sister. OK she's not in the club but she was the closest one we had so we made the most noise and she won! Kelly Parker's sister, Jess won first place with her version of "The Birds". Now we need to get her to join.

So we danced and drank the night away. Candi Lozowski twisted her ankle so Jim Howard wanted to help by just cutting it off. He also wanted to help Pauline Nofs out by cutting off her shark tail. We think he was just sword happy that night.

Thanks to the Richmond Moose for inviting us to their party. Thanks to 10 Beach Drive for playing. Thanks to everyone who came out in costume to make it a fun night. Happy Halloween!!