Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. This time it is Tom Lozowski with Team "Don't Be A Scrooge". They collected a total of $315.45, great job! Thanks to Tom and Jim Racz for their fundraising efforts that will go to the Departmen of Health and Human Services. Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new Captains and the same charity. Captains this time are Donna Howard with Team "Tropical Christmas Cause" and Jim Racz with Team "Santa's Little Helpers" again. Looks like Jim wants a rematch. Good luck Jim! The charity they will be collecting for is: the Department of Health and Human Services. Good luck Captains!

Road Clean-Up

We had our first Road Clean-Up of the season on April 20th. We had 11 people show up. We got donuts, our vests and Scavenger Hunt lists. Then we were off to clean the west bound side of I94 from Fred Moore Highway to Allington. We took a pic with the sign.

We had Steve Padgett driving one vehicle and Jim and Donna Howard switching off in the other vehicle.

Here are some cleaning pictures. Pauline found a whole wheel. That does count as a hub cap. Candi found a hub cap too, those are hard to find,she also found "money". Lunch is on her! Did someone steal a liquor bottle and remove the lock? Ohh that's not good! Tom got a Red Solo Cup and he did "raise you up, let's have a party"! Denise found a toy.

After our 2 hours of cleaning, which we got about 3/4 of the west bound side done, we headed back to count up our lists. Good thing Pauline was wearing boots! You never know what you might step on out there!

With 14 items on his list, Tim Horan won the Scavenger Hunt and got the $40.00 prize. Congrats Tim!

We then went to Adair Bar for lunch.

Thank you Steve Padgett for chairing this for us every year! Thank you to all who came out and cleaned or drove. We gathered 31 bags of trash. See you at the next clean up in July.

Bowling Fundraiser

We had a bowling fundraiser to support Spero Pregnancy Center. We arrived at Port Huron Lanes early to set up the baskets and tickets for the raffles. Joan Francis worked the entrance tickets, while Deb Olar and Shelly Piechotte worked the 50/50 and basket raffle tickets. Looks like they are having fun at the ticket counter. You see if anyone got 3 strikes in a row it is usually called a Turkey, but today it was called a "Parrot" and you could get an extra ticket for the basket raffle.

The BEST staff ever was there again for us! Bill Padgett was ready to get things started on a Saturday afternoon. Erik Parker, with his best announcer voice, started us off with a little about the club and what we were there doing.

Then we started to bowl our 2 games each.

Soon it was time for the 50/50 drawing. Pauline's sister, Linda won! Congrats to her!

Now we started to draw for the baskets. Al Case bought so many tickets he had to win a lot. He did 3 baskets. Here are other winners. Even the staff won a basket and the Lotto Tree. Congrats to all!

Once everyone got their baskets and we cleaned up, it was time for the Phreeding Phrenzy. We ordered food!

Afer eating, some went to play the Quarter Drop game. The only thing that could stop them playing was a Team Drink! They didn't have drinks with them but they improvised by holding up their "glasses"!!

Thanks you Pauline Nofs for chairing this for us every year. Thanks for all who came out to bowl and support our fundraiser. We had a total of 31 bowlers this year. we raised $797.50 for Spero Pregnancy center!! Great job Parrot heads!

Update: Here is a pic of Ken and Pauline givine the donation money to Spero.

Basket Making

For our Bowling Fundraiser, we put together about 13 baskets to raffle off. Club members donated items and baskets for us. We also had a Lotto Ticket Tree. We gathered at Howard's house for the assembling.

After we finished we had a nice dinner of hot dogs and what everyone brought to pass. Then we played LeftRightCenter for the rest of the evening. Looks like Jim didn't like what Tom had to say! Then we packed up the car with all the baskets for the bowling the next day.

Thank you to Pauline Nofs for chairing this for us each year. Thank you to everyone who brought an item and who showed up to assemble. Thank you to Jim and Donna Howard for hosting us and making the hot dogs! See you at the Bowling Fundraiser!

Pub Crawl 2024

A smaller then usual group gathered to crawl this year, only 7 of us this time. Some stopped at Conner St. Pub to eat. Then went on to meet the others at Brass Rail.

Then we were off to Casey's at McMorran, they had a DJ. We saw this t-shirt in the window and all wanted it for next year. It says "Shut up Liver Your Fine".

This is the bagpipe player at Lynch's.

Then we went to Yacht Club to hear the Irish band and then to Bootlegger's Axe Co. We got photo bombed there. Some rested in the bathroom, while taking a pic of me taking a pic of them!

Then went downstairs to the Speak Easy.

Checked out the Zebra Bar. Then called it a night. The St. Clair gang stopped at City Limits and Conner St. again before heading home. It was a fun night and we had a good time. Happy St. Patrick's Day!