Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. This time it is Janie Howard with Beach Babes. They collected a total of $349.29, way to go ladies. Thanks to both Janie and Lynda Caryl for their fundraising efforts that will go to Ennis Center for Children. Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new captains and a new charity. Captain's Jim Racz with Team Bubba's Babies and Ben Nofs with Team Baby Shark (Do Do Do Do). Jim has reminded everyone that he is our wonderful President and we don't want to let him down. Ben wants to remind us that he has a very catchy toon with his team name! The chairty they will be collecting for is Child Abuse and Neglect Council.

Rotary International Day Parade

Our first parade since Nov. of 2019 was July 21, 2021! The float was refurbished from the long harsh winters outside and set up to be the 1991 movie "Hook". We had it all, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, pirates and a mermaid! OK so we were missing some lost boys but we can't get everything right. Although Tom Frances said he was our lost boy. We put the club banner on the front of Jim's jeep since we only had 8 people to march in the parade, and Jim had to drive the jeep. For the first time since in I don't know how long it wasn't sweltering hot on parade day! Thank you to the parade gods!

Ken and Pauline Nofs dressed as Pan and Hook. They did a wonderful job with the costumes and playing their parts during the parade. You should have seen the faces of the kids when they saw us. They yelled out Peter Pan! At first the adults cryed out Capatin Morgan but were quickly corrected by the kids that it was Hook! I do understand why the people would think our club would have Captain Morgan but still it is a family parade. Ken would ask the kids where was Pan and they said behind him, then Pauline would hide in the sails. When Ken saw a little girl dressed in a princess dress he would ask if she was Tinkerbell. All but one said "yes".

Everyone was dressed to the nines. Our club Prez, Jim Racz showed up to show support. Soon we were off. I can't believe how many people were out there to watch. I guess everyone was really ready to get out and see people like we were.

We had a really nice parade this year. After, some went to Palm's Krystal Bar for dinner. We want to thank Jim and Donna Howard for all the work they did to put the float back together. Jim for chairing this for us every year. Thanks to everyone who worked on the float and marched in the parade. The next parade will be the Christmas parade on Nov. 26. Hope to see you then!

Road Clean-Up

On July 18 was the second Road Clean-Up of the season. We gathered at the Ride/Share to get donuts, vests and Scavenger Hunt lists. Our driver, Kelly couldn't make it this time so that just would be the time we find her favorite nutty donuts! She was not happy. But 6 people did show up.

Off we went to clean our 2 mile stretch of I94.

We split into two groups. Jim driving for one group and the other group took turns driving with all three.

We always find the most interesting things on the highway, Canadian flag, license plate, money and ice cubes! Yes, ice cubes! If you can see both Bill and Candi found small, plastic blue ice cubes.

Is Tom looking a little rakish? I didn't get it and had to look up the work "rakish", you may have to as well. Bill said "it is somewhere" when he showed me the bottle he found. And we just don't know what that thing is??? Any thoughts?

We almost finished the west bound side before we were all tired and sweating. Not to mention all the bugs! So we called it quits and headed for the parking lot. Added up all the items that were found and Candi Lozowski won with 12 items on the list! Congrats Candi! She got the $40.00 prize.

Then it was off to Adair Bar for lunch and a beer!

We need to thank Steve Padgett for chairing this event for us each year. Thanks to everyone who came out to clean and to drive. We gathered 12 bags of trash. Don't forget we have one more clean up in Sept.

Float Build

Parades are back and we are in one. The International Day Parade starts off the Port Huron to Mackinac boat race. This year's theme is decades so since we have a pirate ship we will be channeling the 1991 movie Hook. Parrot Heads gathered at Jim Howard's house to decorate the float. First we have to thank all the hard work Jim and some other volunteers put into the float after a very hard winter outside. It needed to be power washed and repainted. Then we could decorate!

While decorating was happening, Donna was in the house cooking for us. After decorating we all went in for a great meal, relaxing and some drinks.

We can't get together without a fire and music. Fire master, Bill did another great job on the fire!

After it got dark and people were leaving we turned on the color changing lights on the float. Had to get a picture of that it looked so good!!

Thank you Jim and Donna Howard for chairing the float build and having us over to help with the float. We will see you at the parade!!

Putt'in 4 Paws Fun-$Raiser

WE ARE BACK RAISING MONEY FOR CHARITY!! That's right BWPHC is back!! June 20, 2021 the club gathered in Lexington at Putt'in 4 Paws for the annual fundraiser for the Sanilac County Humane Society. Last year we had to wear masks and social distance but not this year. We were all together inside (while it was raining). Karen Racz got us all checked in and started selling 50/50 tickets. We were all asked to bring a donation from the Wish List. While we waited for the rain to stop Steve played the quarter drop game, he did win but then gave it right back. Pauline came prepared for the weather with her garden boots. Good thinking Pauline!

Some brave souls started golfing in the rain others waited until it let up a little more and some just paid and said forget it! Steve recreated the famous scene from Caddy Shack, where the old guy was playing in the rain and got struck by lighting. He even said the line, "I'm playing the best game of my life."

After everyone was done golfing, we came back inside to get pictures, draw the 50/50 and donate the money. We all gathered around the donated items. Chris Haywood's wife won the 50/50 of $55.00! Karen then gave the check to Carol for $300.00! Golfing came to $200, 50/50 was $55 so we rounded up to $300 for the total donation. Carol really loves us coming in every year. For those of us who stayed inside where it was dry she let us borrow their koozies for our drinks, most of us bought them anyway. She also tried to turn up the music when we really liked a song. We will be back again next year!

When we were done we were off to Windjammer Bar and Grill for dinner and dancing. Kelly reserved tables for us. They are now serving food! Other club members joined us later for 10 Beach Drive playing on the deck at 7:30. As it got closer to band time we moved to the deck. Most tables were reserved but Kelly got us a few small tables and brought in chairs from inside. As tables left we could take them over. You know we will be staying until the band stops.

The band started and we danced the night away. It was like normal again!! Later in the evening Rick Way's daughter, Autumn joined the band to sing. That is one very talented family! She is great!

It was really great to get out with friend for a day and night of fun! First thanks to Karen Racz for chairing this event for us every year! Thanks to all who came out to golf with donations! Thanks to Kelly Parker for getting us tables and making the night at Windjammer PERFECT! It was a great success and we can't wait for the next event for the club!!
Phinz Up~~^~~

Road Clean-Up

On April 25th we did our first Road Clean-Up of the season. After having several very nice, warm days that day turned out to be cold and windy. But we had a job to do so 8 members showed up at the Ride/Share to clean our section of I94 between Fred Moore Highway and Allington. Steve (our Road Boss) showed off the new tote for the road supplies. Wow it looks great! All organized and heavy duty. We got our vests, donuts and Scavenger Hunt lists. Then we took our picture.

We had two wonderful drivers this time, Kelly Parker and Jim Howard! Thank you so much for doing this!

Then we were off to clean the highway. We were able to get most of the east bound side of I94. Great job everyone!

Steve was in the mood to take some selfies.

Kelly is still trying to hit Steve with his own truck. This time she tried to get two Padgetts with one truck. Don't worry she stopped in time, it is just good fun. No Padgetts were hurt in the making of this picture!

Soon it was noon so we stopped. After heading back to the Ride/Share we added up the Scavenger Hunt items. As it turned out we had a tie with 11 items. So a vote was taken for the most unusual item. The winner was Tim Horan with a hospital gown. This was Tim and Sue's first time at Road Clean-Up. We were surprized to hear that the prize money was raised from $25.00 to $40.00 for the winner! Congrats Tim! We collected 17 bags of trash!

We want to thank Steve Padgett for chairing this for us every year. Thanks to everyone who came out and did the cleaning. Our next clean up is on July 18th. We decided not to go to lunch because of COVID-19. Hoping next time things will better and we can go to lunch.