Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. This time it is Shelly Piechotte with Team " Save the Ta-tas". They collected a total of $408.74, great job! Thanks to Shelly and Ken Nofs for their fundraising efforts that will go to Taking A Shot At Breast Cancer. Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new Captains and a new charity. Captains this time are Tom Lozowski with Team "Don't Be A Scrooge" and Jim Racz with Team "Santa's Little Helpers". The charity they will be collecting for is: the Department of Health and Human Services. Good luck Captains!

Memorial/Victoria Day Party

Every year Jim and Karen Racz put on a cookout and bonfire party to celebrate Memorial Day and Canadian Victoria Day. Jim will deep fry a turkey, grill burgers and dogs. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass and their drinks.

We all sat outside with perfect weather. We had Di's fabulous salsa and chips, Pauline and Candi's Jell-O shots. We had our drinks and talked and laughed. When the food was ready we ate. As the sun started to go down, Jim started the bonfire. We gathered around it continuing the party.

It was a great time! Thank you Jim and Karen for hosting this every year. We all had a great time!

Road Clean-Up

We had our first Road Clean-Up of the season. We met at the Ride/Share at I94 and Fred Moore HYW. We got our donuts, vests and Scavenger Hunt lists. Steve got a new tote for the clean up items. He was able to put the gloves on the lid this time. NICE! The we were off to clean the west bound side of I94. We had two drivers, Steve Padgett and Pauline Nofs.

We always find the strangest things on the road. Tom Lozowski found not one but two dollars. I found a condom and a sleeping mask. We figured that the torn up grass was an accident that happened when someone put on the mask to take a nap while driving. Ha Ha

Two of the most coveted items are license plate and hubcap. Jim Howard found both and Candi Lozowski found the plate.

More cleaning reveals more things. Bill Padgett found an election sign and cannabis infused toothpicks. WHAT?

We were getting close to the end of our section when the clouds stated to roll in. It would rain soon so we should stop. Except Ken Nofs just can't stop! Steve, Road Boss as we call him, sent Candi to tell him to stop. She said "By the power invested in me by the Road Boss you must stop now or be arrested and go to Road Clean-Up jail". He did stop.

We got back to the Ride/Share just as it started raining. We tallied up the hunt lists and Jim Howard was the winner. Congrats!

We then went to Adair Bar for lunch.

We had 7 people show up and used 16 bags. We almost finished the whole west bound side. If we had just 2 or 3 more we could have finished it. Thank you to Steve Padgett for chairing this for us every year. Thanks to everyone who came out to clean. We will see you in July for the next clean up.

Bowling Fundraiser

Update: Pauline Nofs presenting a check for the $941.50 rounded up to $1,000.50 to Jennifer from Spero.

Our fundraiser for Spero Pregnancy Center was at Port Huron Lanes. We bowled 2 games, had a 50/50 and basket raffles. It was a great turn out this year. Baskets were set out and tickets were sold. We also had an extra liquor basket.

Then we got our lanes and started to bowl.

Erik Parker, using his announcer voice, made all the announcements. He told all who we were and why we were there. That gave others an opportunity to join in on the raffles. Even little Timmy got in on the bowling, with a little help.

Deb Olar and Jim Racz were selling tickets. I know Pauline is around here somewhere! There she is! Everyone was working so hard!

Bob Pihaylic and his daughter were here again this year with their "bionic" arms. I still think it is cheating but I guess it really works. Look at the "luggage" he brings in to bowl! Then I saw his coat! WOW! Wait it gets better! That last shot he made was almost a perfect game! Way to go Bob! Look at that score!

I myself was just hoping to break 100. I did it! See my score. It doesn't take much to make me happy! Also I have a there such a thing as a vertical turkey? There should be!

When bowling was over the raffles were drawn. The 50/50, which was $114.00 was won by Nancy Frederiksen's son-in-law, Jason Borngesser. He just came in from Shanghai, China. His wife will be arriving soon. She works at GM there. Mom is so proud! The liquor basket was won by Jim Howard! Party at his house next!! Congrats to both and to all the other basket winners!

After all that we club members stayed for the monthly Phriday Pheeding Phrenzy.

Jim and Karen Racz invited us over to their house for a drink.

Then we went to the Eagles to hear 10 Beach Drive.

It was a fun night! A total of $941.50 was raised for Spero Center. Way to go Parrot Heads. Thank you Pauline Nofs for chairing this for us each year! Thank you to everyone who came out to bowl, buy tickets and help make this club what it is!

Fundraiser Basket Making

The Saturday before our Bowling Fundraiser we got together to make the raffle baskets. We met at Jim and Donna Howard's house. Spread out all the donated items and started to organize into baskets. On the table, others started to put the lottery tickets on the lottery tree.

The men helped by supervising.

Once we got some men to help, things went much faster. We were able to assemble 13 baskets and the lottery tree. Sue will be bringing another basket and Jim will have a liquor basket for a separate raffle. That gives us a total of 15 baskets and the lottery tree plus the 50/50. Great job everyone!

When we were done, we changed the pool table from construction to food! All the food was set out and we started to eat.

Once we ate and let our food settle a little, we headed outside for a bon fire. After all it was a beautiful night and we didn't want to waste it. We brought chairs and Jim had his outside speaker charged up. Of course we had the Key Lime Shooter shots for everyone.

It was a very fun night! Thanks to Jim and Donna Howard for letting us use their house. Thanks to everyone who brought baskets and items for the baskets. Thanks to everyone who helped out and made the evening so much fun! We will see you at the bowling fundraiser!

St. Patrick's Pub Crawl

Due to the Irish/American Club disbanding, there was no parade this year. That didn't stop the Pub Crawl. We started at The Palm's Krystal Bar for food and drinks.

Then we headed to town. Our first stop was Casey's Pizza at McMorran. The had The Cabana Boys playing. We couldn't believe it but they played The Unicorn Song, of coures we danced to it. I really like the way this guy was dressed! Is that Jim with a beer? WOW! Steve took a selfie of all of us.

After a couple of drinks and some dancing we were off to Brass Rail. We really liked the decorations. Erik had a St. Patrick's koozie!

It was really crowded there so we were off again to Lynch's. They had Jell-O shots there, YES! This is what happens when Jim takes Candi's beer away and hides it. She is not happy!

Soon we headed out again. We tried to get the Cherries at The Roche, but they were all out. So off we went to Port Huron Yacht Club. They had an Irish Band playing. Also had the Apple Pie drink, so good! They also played The Unicorn Song. Tom got his Guinness and Steve is double fisted drinking. At some point we got a table. Didn't think we all would fit at that table so some of us grabbed another. Sue didn't like that and thumbed her nose at us. It is all in good fun!

Had a few drinks there and enjoyed the music. Then we tried to get into Wings Etc.. but it was too crowded. Went next to The Zebra Bar. They had a DJ and we found a table so we stayed.

Then we decided to get our cars and head to The Moose Lodge. Stone Fish was playing there, not bad, we did some dancing.

About 10:00 there was only 4 of us left so we called it a night and headed home. Great Pub Crawl all. We should do this again next year! Wait we do this every year! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!