Spare Change Challenge

Our club is starting a new year for our fundraiser for Kids in
Distress. Two new teams have been chosen with two new leaders. There is Kelly Parker captain for Tropical Tykes and Donna Howard for Babies in Paradise. We are still asking all members to gather and bring in as much spare change they can and donate them to either team. The leaders will have a pink or blue baby bottle for you to put the change in at the meetings or at other club gatherings. At the end of a year we will add up which team has the most for their name and team name on the plaque, all money will go to Kids in Distress. Please help!

Last year's Challenge was between Captains Candi Lozowski with team Pinky Poo and Austin Piechotte with team Blue Water Babies. After a year of begging for spare change they raised just under $1,000.00 with only a $12.00 difference between them. Team Pinky Poo was higher and Candi's name was the first name on the plaque. The real winner here is March of Dimes! Thanks to everyone!

Shopping for Foster Kids

The club was given information on three kids in foster care that needed to have a good Christmas. Some people donated items or gift cards or money. We took the money and gathered at Birchwood Mall to do the rest of the shopping. We all had printouts of the kids sizes and likes. Off we went on a mission. A few hours laster we were back at the food court. Jim Howard got all the receipts and we set up the items on a bench for the photo.

After everything was back in bags and loaded into the Howard's car we went to Cheap Charlie's for lunch.

Thanks to Jim Howard for chairing the Christmas Family or Foster Kids each year. Thanks to all who donated or shopped. We have great members and know that we gave three kids a great Christmas this year!!

Christmas Party

The 2018 Parrot Head Christmas party was on Nov. 30, 2018. Joe and Debbie Belcher were great to take this on as the chairs of the event. They and their committee did a great job! The Lions Club in St. Clair was decked out in true tropical Parrot Head style. We were asked to bring a dessert and if wanting to participate, a White Elephant gift. Terry and Vi Burr made wonderful palm trees. You may not see it in these pictures but each place setting has a gift of a tropical candle.

People started coming in and grabbing their seats. Looks like Bob Howard is ready to party all night! Our President Jim Racz started things off with our Team Drink. You could bring what ever you wanted to drink or try something from the Margaritaville Drink Maker that Dennis Heath brought. That was fun to have, thanks Dennis! Then we lined up to eat. Food was provided by the Belcher's catering business. Wow what good chicken!! Don't judge me I really wanted to try all the desserts!

Here are the people by table.

Then our favorite band, 10 Beach Drive started to play and we started to dance! At their first break Jim started the White Elephant gift exchange. Anyone who brought a gift got in a line and choose a gift. When all gifts were out except two left over gifts we then went one by one to see if we wanted to trade. If not then we opened our gift until everyone was done. It was fun!

The band resumed playing and we kept partying! Yes we started to get a little silly. Not sure why Bill Padgett has an empty bottle, did he drink the whole thing? Steve Padgett and Candi Lozowski were double fisted drinking all night. Then when we needed to break up the ice bag Steve got a hammer but then he touched Dennis's drink maker and that made him mad! Never touch another man's drink maker!!

All good things must come to an end so did the Christmas party. Steve started to take down the tree. We all cleaned up the food, band, tables and the hall in general. The night wasn't over yet because Tom and Candi invited the last people over to their house for an after party party! Yes we did bring the drink maker and used it!!

Another successful Parrot Head party! Thanks to Joe and Debbie for chairing it and bringing the food. Thanks to all the committee members for decorating, planning, setting up and tearing down. Thanks to everyone who helped out with anything that needed to be done. Thanks to Dennis for the drink maker. None of this could happen with out all the great club members we have. Cheers to you all!! To all the Parrot Heads --- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Don't forget to wish Jimmy Buffett a Happy Birthday! Take care everyone and be safe.

Christmas Parade

Every year on Black Friday after we all have spent the day fighting at the mall we gather in down town Port Huron for the Christmas Parade. Jim and Donna had the float decorated themselves so we didn't have a decorating party. New items were announced but no one knew what they were, it was a surprise! We gathered by the YMCA in our best Christmas Parrot-fernaila! First new item was the wooden elves that Bob Howard picked up and Ken and Pauline Nofs repainted. Nice job, we heard that the elves had creapy, googly eyes but not any more! Next new item was the port holes. They were totally done over with electric color changing lights. Glen Witalec did all the wiring, thanks Glen!

Tom Lozowski dressed as the parrot and flapped his wings through the parade. Deb Olar and her niece carried the banner and we were off down the parade route. It was cold out but we have seen worse. Once you got moving we warmed up. Some of us who were passing out candy were even sweating by the end of the parade. It was a big crowd this year.

After the parade we all headed back to Jim and Donna's house for hot dogs and drinks. We later played games. It was a nice after glow party.

We want to thank Jim and Donna Howard for chairing this for us each parade. They put in lots of hours of work on the float that most of us don't see. It is really appreciated!!! Thank you both!!! Thanks to Bob Howard for getting the elves, to Ken and Pauline Nofs for painting them. Thanks to Glen Witalec for wiring up the port hole lights. Thanks to everyone who came to march and pass out candy. Merry Christmas to all Parrot Heads everywhere!

Halloween Party

This year we celebrated Halloween at Windjammer in Lexington. Our favorite band, 10 Beach Drive
was playing there on Oct. 27th. A group of Parrot Heads dressed in costume and went to party.

Here is the gang before the band started. Now for the couples by themselves. Jim and Donna as Cowboys, Tom and Candi as
Salt & Pepper, Ken and Pauline as Pirate Skeletons, Kelly and Jess as Grandma and Carry, Erik as a Trick or Beer Person and of
course the Band!

We ate, drank and did some dancing. Grandma did her best to keep
up. Tom and Candi tried to add spice to the party.
Pauline wanted to see what she would look like with a
mustache. Donna was tired and wanted to get some sleep, Cowgirl style.

They were supposed to have a costume contest but that never
happened. You can pick the best contume for yourself.
It was a good time! Happy Halloween everyone!!