Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. The real winner is Kids in Distress who receive the money but for bragging rights and a name on the plack our winner is Donna Howard! This year a total of $584.55 was collected. The club choose to round it up to $600.00 to give to Kids in Distress. Thank you to both captains, Donna Howard and Kelly Parker! Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new captains and a new charity. Captain's Janie Howard with Team Beach Babes and Lynda Caryl with Team Jimmy's Tiny Pirates. This time we are raising for Ennis Center for Children. Good Luck Ladies, the game is on again!

Christmas Party/Fran Morris' Birthday

When no one wanted to chair the Christmas party this year, Ron Morris got an idea. His wife, Fran never had a birthday party because her birthday was on Christmas Eve. He thought if he hosted a Christmas party it could double as a surprise birthday party. His daughter manages the new City Flats so he booked it. He told the club it was a Christmas party and not to tell Fran. Well keeping a secret is hard to do and the word got out. It was no longer a surprise but it was still a wonderful party for Fran.

The place was beautiful and the food was fantastic! Ron paid for everything except the cash bar. Parrot Heads, relatives and friends were invited. Ken Nofs brought his DJ equipment and had Christmas music playing for us all evening. Jim Racz, club President opened the evening with the club "Team Drink", after the appetizers were served. Then we all went to the buffet.

We eat and drank and talked. Deb Olar had the right shirt for the party, no better words were ever said! The decorations were beautiful. Ron then got up to wish his wife a Happy Birthday and thank everyone for coming. The family did a toast to Fran. Gifts and cards were opened.

Slowly people started to leave, it was a weekday after all. Soon it was just down to one table of Parrot Heads. One last drink and we all left. Happy Birthday Fran! Even though it wasn't the big surprise that Ron wanted it was a fabulous party and went very well. Thanks Ron for letting us join you to celebrate Fran!

Christmas Shopping for the Foster Kids

This year the club got three Foster kids. Three little girls ages 2, 3 and 5. The Christmas lists for the kids went out to all members. At the Dec. meeting many people brought in items like toys and warm cloths, even shoes. The club also donated $100.00 to add to the other money that was donated for the mall shopping trip. On Dec. 15th other members gathered at the Birchwood Mall to finish up the lists. Six members showed up and we seperated into two groups, one going to Five Below and the other going to Target. All money was spent for the kids. We then met back at the Merry-Go-Around for the picture.

After loading everything in cars we were off to Jim and Donna's house to add these items to the others and start wrapping. First let me show you how much we got.

Once everything was sorted by child the wrapping started. Jim Racz was a very important Elf in this process, he was writing out the labels for the three kids. All we had to do was call out the name and Jim had the label ready.

We finally got them all wrapped. Here is the finished pile. Also the pile in boxes ready to be taken to the kids. Jim Howard will be delivering them on Dec. 19th. With a job well done we ordered pizza and rested.

Thank you to everyone who donated items to the cause. Thanks to those who shopped, wrapped and sorted. We can't do these wonderful things without you!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!

PHOTSC Bowling Fundraiser

The Canadian club, Parrot Heads on the St. Clair had their annual bowling toy drive. This was the biggest crowd yet with about 30 people attending. Everyone was asked to bring an unwrapped gift for The Inn of the Good Sheperd. We then got our teams and bowled two games. Members from PHOTSC and from BWPHC were there as were members of a local Jeep club. We all had a great time and collected lots of toys for the kids.

I just had to prove that I really did get a strike!! I know, I couldn't believe it either!

Christmas Parade

On Black Friday when most are either in a turkey coma or out shopping some Parrot Heads headed up to Port Huron to be in the Christmas parade. Jim and Donna Howard decorated the float themselves and brought it to town. Five others joined them in marching. We had candy to pass out to the kids. The weather was cold but not that bad, we have seen worse. Donna drove the Jeep pulling the float. Steve Padgett carried the banner. Deb Olar and her niece did it all; passed out candy, carried the banner and marched. Tom Lozowski was dressed as the parrot and Candi Lozowski got the perfect sweater for a Parrot Head Christmas.

After the parade Jim and Donna invited us back to their house for snacks and drinks.

Thanks to Jim and Donna for chairing this for us each parade. Thanks to those who showed up to march and pass out candy. Merry Christmas to everyone!