Spare Change Challenge

We have a winner for the Spare Change Challenge. The real winner is Kids in Distress who receive the money but for bragging rights and a name on the plack our winner is Donna Howard! This year a total of $584.55 was collected. The club choose to round it up to $600.00 to give to Kids in Distress. Thank you to both captains, Donna Howard and Kelly Parker! Also thanks to everyone who donated all year long.

We now start again with two new captains and a new charity. Captain's Janie Howard with Team Beach Babes and Lynda Caryl with Team Jimmy's Tiny Pirates. This time we are raising for Ennis Center for Children. Good Luck Ladies, the game is on again!

Thank You from PHOTSC

Club Anniversary Party

Our club will be celebrating our 16th year as a club. Jim and Donna Howard opened their home once again for the party. All you needed to do was bring a chair, your drinks and a dish to pass. Jim Racz brought a birthday cake, Jim Howard grilled the burgers and Tom and Candi Lozowski made the famous gumbo! We were all set with the main dishes and others brought sides.

With the food taken care of we needed drinks. Ron Morris was making Hummers for everyone. He had the old St. Clair Inn recipe. People really liked them. Pauline Nofs brought a drink for the contest but we didn't have enough for a contest so she just set it up for us to drink.

So what was left over? We had the food and drinks, OH yes the chairs. Here are people in chairs.

We did get a gang picture. I think it turned out great!

We talked for a while then ate. Jim brought out some music. Then it was time to get the fire going. Bill Padgett is always our fireman! The last two years we had something for him to burn. Remember Pyro Pete and the Pyro Parrots? This year we didn't have anything for him to set ablaze. He started to whittle something but that didn't work. Next year we will make sure that we have some kind of doll to burn. Bill use a poker not your foot!!

Later in the evening it started to rain. Party was moved to the basement. We didn't care. We got more drinks and played Left Right Center until late into the night.

Thank you Jim and Donna for hosting. Thanks to everyone who brought food. Thanks to Bill for tending the fire.
Happy Anniversary Parrot Heads!

Parrot Heads Yard Sale

During the Yard Sale Trail we set up tables with "treasures" to sell for our Scholarship fund. This year, Jim Racz was able to move us to his daughter's soon-to-be in-laws house by Metcalf Road. We had less items this year but sold mostly everything. The left over good items went to a resale shop in hopes they will still sell. This year we also did two days of selling. Here are some pictures of the set up with our Prez, Jim working the tables.

When all was said, done and sold we had a total of $397.60. The club rounded it up to $400.00 for the Scholarship fund. Great job everyone! We want to thank Jim and Karen Racz for chairing this for us and putting in lots of work. Thanks to everyone who donated items, set up items, worked the sale and help clean up. We can only do these things with your help.

Parrot Heads on the St. Clair Duc de Orleans Cruise

The Parrot Heads on the St. Clair Club had their annual Duc de Orleans cruise charity fundraiser. Members from several other clubs were in attendance including ours. We boarded at 6:30 and got our drinks from the two wonderful bartenders.

They had a Silent Auction with many nice baskets and 50/50 going around. Pauline and Cheryl were selling the 50/50 and Di was tending to the basket raffle.

The Vice President, Lee Randell gave a welcome speach. He talked about the two charities they were raising money for also the raffles. After that we got under way and the party began.

It did start to rain quite hard but not for long. We only closed the windows for a short time but then it cleared up and we continued to party. The band, Claude and Copper Still played through it all and kept us dancing. Is that our own 10 Beach Drive member Ken Nofs sitting in with the band. He just can't help himself!

Things start to get crazy on the dance floor. What are Pam and Terry doing? Is that a conga line on the boat? And this is what happens when Terry Burr gets ahold of your camara! I don't even want to know what he took a picture of!!!

The night was a complete success. Everyone had a great time. The club raised about $2,700.00 for their two charities. They are able to give each $1,000.00. Thanks so much for putting this on we really enjoyed it. Great Job PHOTSC!!

Road Clean-Up

Even though our second Road Clean-Up was on July 14th, it really was our first clean up. You see we got rained out in April. We gathered at the Ride/Share at I94 and Fred Moore Highway at 9:45am. We only had 5 members show up this time but that has never stopped us before. We clean what we can clean. We got our vests, donuts and Scavenger Hunt lists.

Off we went. Tom Lozowski, with his grabber looked like the old Odd Couple show when Felix picked up Oscar's cigar. Then we started to clean. Steve Padgett and Candi Lozowski stopped for a selfie in front of our sign.

You really find the strangest things on the road. Bill Padgett found a hazard sign and put it on his back. He said that people always said that he had a personality and sense of humor that was very corrosive. Both Bill and Steve found wine bottles and decided to take a drink break! Candi Lozowski found a broom, how appropriate for a cleaning lady.

Once it was noon and we had gotten about 3/4 of the east bound side done and filled 13 bags, we stopped and headed back to the Ride/Share. We tallied up our lists and the winner this time was Candi Lozowski. We then went to Murphy's Inn for lunch.

Thank you Steve for being our Road Boss. Thanks to those who came out to clean. See you in Sept. for the last cleaning of the season.