Meeting Minutes 

Blue Water Parrot Head Club
Meeting Minutes 4/13/21
Lynwood Bar


President’s Remarks: Tip your waitress to the left, but not too far!


18 members present


50/50 Raffle~Need to be in it to win it! 50/50 won by Kelly P. Coconuts won

By Ken N., Al C., and Pauline N.  


Merchandise~ We have  merchandise! T-shirts are $20. XXL $23

Sweatshirts are$30. XXL $33 Hats are $10, and license plate holders are $1.00 Warmer weather is on the way. Get you summer gear now!


Collections: Donations are collected in the parking lot before and after the meeting.


1. Quarterly Charity~ Backpacks for Homeless  bottle water, fruit snacks, gift cards for fast food,  gently used backpacks, combs, hand sanitizer, fleece blankets, etc 

              2. Wire/Cords~ Keep the cords coming! Don’t forget about little pieces    

       Of scrap. Prices are on the rise.                    

3. Baby Bottle Challenge~ The charity will be the Child Abuse and Neglect Council. Jim R. Bubba’s Babies and Pauline N. Baby Shark are the captains .Let’s stuff those bottles!                            

  4. Tab Collection is going strong. Give them to Jim R. We beat last year’s total by 2 pounds! 231 pounds!!                               

 5. Bob’s Plastics~ Hold onto your prescription bottles. Prescription off, lid on. Bob has suspended collecting them...for now.


Treasurer’s Report~ We have money and the checkbook balances!. Balance of $6369.36

Old Business:


Blood Drives~  Please go on line and set up an appointment  Limited spaces are available! See the Treasurers 

Report for dates, time, locations, and availability. Donate between April 1 and 3o and be entered to win a $1000 e gift card. Donate between 4/1 and 4/15 and you are entered to win Indy 500 tickets.


Remind~ New text to 81010 Make the message @4dkgde Send


Bowling Phundraiser~Pauline~ Suspended for now. Waiting for full 

capacity. In lieu of waiting, Pauline moved we donate $250 to the 

St. Clair Humane Society. Steve and Pauline seconded. Passed.


         Membership Renewal~ Beat the rush and renew now! Why wait for May?


Putt N 4 Paws~ Tentatively June 19. Karen will get their needs list. Usually 

they need cleaning supplies. Picnic in the park to follow for our Pheeding 

Phrenzy. Stay tuned for details.


         Steve~ Highway clean up dates. Sunday April 25, July 18, 

     September 26. Meet at 9:45 at the Park and Ride at I94 and Fred

     Moore. Donuts, scavenger hunt, lunch if some place is open.

New Business:


     Christmas Party~ Bob H. No report


Additional news and updates~


PHOTSC~ Suspended meetings for now


        Tires and Treads~ Wed. May 12 5-7pm at Keewahdin Elementary

     Pheeding Phrenzy~ On hold until May with Jim and Karen’s 

Memorial/Victoria Day Party. Saturday, May 29, 4pm Jim will

be dropping the turkey around 3:00.


 Shooting Group steak dinner~ No report


          Adair Suckerfest Parade~ Cancelled


          Scholarship Fund~Scholarship is open. Applicants have until May 31 for a 

     $500 scholarship. Members, their kids, grand kids or yourself.


          Ed Smith~ Steve Ed Smith from St. Clair a driver for a speed boat has 

      been diagnosed with throat cancer. Various locations are raffling off

      baskets.. Lynwood is doing $100 worth of scratch offs. $5.00 a piece.

      All proceeds go towards his race team. Steve moved to donate $250.

      Donna H. seconded. Passed


      Joan Francis~ had a colon resection and came through with flying colors!


      Ray K.~ Is recovering from his stroke.


      Kelly’s mom~ Funeral is May 1 in New Baltimore.


      10 Beach Drive~ Playing Lexington Friday August 20

Birthdays: Karen Racz 4-2, Denise Baranowski 4-2, Vi Burr 4-4, Fred Bach 4-7, Ron Morris 4-10, Lee Randall 4-11, Mike Olar 4-16, Cynthia Lane 4-18, Lynn Molesworth 4-25, Bill Padgett 4-27.

Meeting closed by birthday phlockers~ Team drink!