Meeting Minutes 

Blue Water Parrot Head Club
Meeting Minutes 5/9/23
Lynwood Bar

President’s Remarks~ Welcome to the Lynwood Bar! Remember to record your volunteer hours.

Jim opened the meeting with a traditional TEAM DRINK!


30  members present and 5 guests!


50/50 Raffle~ Get your tickets now!


Merchandise~ Deb O. T-shirts are $20. XXL $23 Sweatshirts are $30. XXL $33 Hats are $10. We also have vinyl decals and license plate holders.




1. Quarterly Charity~ Hunter Hospitality House is our current charity. General 

Needs Include: toilet bowl cleaner, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, 

automatic dishwashing detergent, single serving size orange and apple

juices, non perishables, and bottled water. Check out their Amazon Wishlist

at and click on the NEEDS tab.


2. Wire/Cords~ Keep the cords coming! Don’t forget about little pieces

of scrap.


3. Spare Change Challenge~ Our cause is DHHS for Christmas 2023. New captains are St. Thomas and our Prez Adding Canadian change to the challenge. "Santa’s Little Helpers" is Jim’s team and "Don’t be a Scrooge" is Tom’s

4. Tab Collection~ Keep saving them for the 2024 weigh-in and get your friends and coworkers to do it too! People are dropping them of at the barber shop. You can too! Made a delivery to the Mid-Michigan RMH.

953 pounds of tabs combined between us and the DPHC. Let’s give Jim some gas money!


Treasurer’s Report~ We have money and the checkbook balances. Balance of $7,588.65


Old Business:


Blood Drives~  Please go on line and set up an appointment  Limited spaces are available! See the Treasurers 

Report for dates, time, locations, and availability.  7 to choose from! Let Deb O. or Jim R. know if you donate.


Remind~ New text to 81010 Make the message @4dkgde Send


Membership Renewal~ Is due this month! $20 for an individual and $30 

for a phamily.


Putt N 4 Paws~ Karen R. Sunday, June 25 $7.00 for 18 holes 3:00. Also have a

driving range. Karen passed out their needs list.


Anniversary Party~ Candi Minutes are posted on our website from their first meeting. We are waiting on a venu then we can plan food. We will cater it. Koozies as a gift to everyone. Phlucking Phlocker will be voted on at the August meeting. Tentative date is September 23. Must have at least 3 drinks to have a drink contest. No rules for the drink contest. 


Edward Jones Lawn Chair~ Jim H. We will draw for it after the 50/50. And the winner is… Alan C!


New Business:


Cre8tive Differences Car Club~ Cheryl Stein Selling candy bars to become a corporate sponsor for Tires and Treads. Ron moved to donate $100. Candi seconded. Passed unanimously.


Harbor for Youth Outreach~ Janie H~ Lakena~24-hour emergency home for youth. Not a place when kids are bad, but a place for help. The kids go through a 3-week program. They show kids what can be. They learn to cook, there is mental health care, help with schoolwork, money management, etc. Kids are 9 - 18. Needs are hygiene items and hair products for ethnic hair. Joan F. moved to donate $200, Rick N. seconded. Karen R. suggested a $200 gift card from Walmart. Passed unanimously.


Rotary Parade~ Jim H. This year’s theme is All Together Now. It will be July 12 at 6:30. Decorating is Sat. July 8. BBQ and bonfire following.


KIDS~ Candi They are looking for donations. They will be a quarterly charity.


Additional News and Updates:


Tires and Treads~ New girl 14 yr. old Miss Naomi who has brain cancer. Can/bottle drive to help her family.

Drop off 2426 Hueling carport area.

3 weeks ago, they thought she was done, but she was able to go home. We will do a matching funds at the next meeting for empties we return.

Little Leo has cancer everywhere. He has chosen to do pills at home.

11:00-1:00 this Friday PHN 


Bowling Phundraiser~ Pauline Jennifer from Spero. Money breakdown is on the Treasurer’s Report. Donna moved we round up the money to $1,000.00 Tom F. seconded. Passed unanimously. Spero means hope in Latin.


Pheeding Phrenzy~ Was at the bowling alley after the fundraiser.

This month’s will be at Jim and Karen’s house Saturday, May 27 beginning at 3:00. BYOB and chairs and a dish to pass. Jim will deep fry a turkey.


June’s Pheeding Phrenzy~ After Putt N 4 Paws. Place TBD.


Duc Cruise~ Ken N. Friday, June 2 Money raised for Ohana, a transitional housing program. $30 Canadian, Pay in Canadian, please. 10 Beach Drive is playing.  Eat before. You can ride with Jim R. if you want.  


Road Clean-Up~ Candi Had 7 people show up. Did most of the west side. Next date is July 23. They quit just before the rain. Jim H. won the scavenger hunt. 


Kelly P~ Found a quote.” Now and then we had the hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”

Mark Twain


Dates to Remember:


5/11 National Eat What You Want Day

5/15 National Chocolate Chip Day

5/20 National Be A Millionaire Day

5/22 Victoria Day

5/25 National Wine Day

5/29  National Paperclip Day


50/50 of $59 won by Bob C. Coconuts won by Connie H, Joan F, Pauline N, Lynda C 

and Jennifer


Birthdays:  Lynda Caryl 5/12, Candi Lozowski 5/25, Suzie Case 5/28


Meeting closed by birthday phlockers~ TEAM DRINK!


June Birthdays: Connie Headlee, Sue Zappa, Sheri McColman


          20th Anniversary Party Committee Meeting
   May 9, 2023

Members were: Candi Lozowski, Janie Howard, Kelly Parker, Pauline Nofs, Donna Howard, Deb Olar, Karen Racz and Sue Horan.

Date: We have a confirmed date with the pole barn of Sept. 23, 2023, starting at 4:00 with dinner about 5:00 or 6:00

Food:  It was brought up that we should have the event catered.  This will mean that the plates, plastic wear and napkins will be included.  Also any condiments.  We are getting the menu for BBQuick because they also have gumbo.  Also looking into other places.  Everyone will be asked to bring their own drinks. Janie will look into the cake.  Also Candi can bring her popcorn maker for table snacks. Janie has lots of popcorn and oil. 

Gift for Members: We are still thinking about the koozies.  The logo may be changed to fit a better, larger logo so it will look better.  The thought was to take our name Blue Water Parrothead Club off the logo but then print it on the back with 20th anniversary party and the date. Janie is also looking into getting something for our Hangies.  Candi got a price for 50 koozies at $107.50 (this is up from last month price of $97.40). Kelly is looking at a price for 50 at one place and Erik will check at another place.

Gift for Host: They will not be charging us for the pole barn so we wanted to get a host gift for them.  It was suggested a $50.00 gift card to Texas Road House, they love that place.

Other Items: We will bring a case of water for anyone who may want it.  Still want to bring toilet paper and hand soap, so not to use theirs.  We still want to bring some napkins, cups, to-go containers/zip-lock bags, ice and fire wood.  We talked about table cloths (plastic one from Dollar Store).  Candi had a roll of blue for long tables like the food table.  Pauline will look into round ones for the other tables from the Dollar Store.  We then don’t have to wipe down the tables for the clean up.