Place and Time
Oct./Nov./Dec.Monthly CharitySpero Pregnancy Center
They need:NEW baby clothes up to 3T, diapers especially size 4, 5 and 6, wipes and toiletries.
12/5/21Shopping for Foster KidsGather at the Merry-go-round at Birchwood Mall at 1:00. The list of items that are needed will be passed out. Off we go to shop for them, please get and save gift receipts then we go to lunch after. Hope to see you there!
12/10/21Club Christmas PartyConnor Street Pub, 2326 Connor Street, P.H. Wristbands are $35.00 per person which includes buffet, non-alcoholic drinks and the band, cash bar. Decorating at 5:30 doors open at 6:00 and we have to be cleaned up and out by 11:00. We need an RSVP for a head count before the party. Contact Bob Howard 810-240-1975 if you are going, VERY IMPORTANT! If you want to get your wristband early you can get it at the float build. They will be at the door after that.
12/14/21 Club Meeting and SocialLynwood Bar, Marysville on the deck. Social startes at 6:00 and meeting a 7:00. Don't forget your Hangie or you will get a "Sinners Fee" of $1.00!
12/25/21Merry Christmas!!Happy Birthday Jimmy Buffett!!
1/1/22Happy New Year!!Happy New Year!!

Quote Of The Month

Bill Padgett: "The Pope had surgery on his colon so now is it a semi-colon?"