Place and Time
April/May/JuneMonthly CharityGot Your BackPack
We are helping put together back packs for the homeless. Please collect personal hygiene items, $5.00 gift cards to fast food restaurants or indiviual packed snack items. Please try to bring the food items on the last month. We will be getting a wish list soon and posting it at the bottom.
4/25/21Road Clean-UpWe will be meeting at the Ride/Share at I94 and Fred Moore Hiway at 9:45. We will get our vests, dounuts and Scavenger Hunt list. We will start cleaning the west bound side of I94 between Fred Moore Hiway and Allington. Drivers are needed. Cash prize for winner of scavenger hunt. Lunch after TBA.
5/11/21 Club Meeting and SocialLynwood Bar, Marysville on the deck. Social states at 6:00 and meeting a 7:00. Don't forget your Hangie or you will get a "Sinners Fee" of $1.00!
Time to renew your dues!!
5/29/21Phriday Pheeding Phrenzy on SaturdayThe annual Memorial/Victoria Day Party at the Racz's house 4780 Maitland, North Street. Turkeys go in the deep fryer at 3:00, party starts at 4:00. Bring your drinks, a chair and a dish to pass.

Quote Of The Month

Tom Lozowski: "It's a light saber."
Jim Howard: "No it's a smoke saber."