Place and Time
Oct/Nov/DecMonthly CharityThis will be for our Christmas family. When Jim gets the details for the family we will post it.
NOWSilver Sticks Volenteers NeededVolenteers needed for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends in Jan. Lots of different jobs to be done. Contace Erik Parker for details.
12/10/19Club Meeting and SocialLynwood Bar 596 Busha Hwy, Marysville Social at 6:00 Meeting at 7:00.
12/14/19Canadian Christmas PartyChristmas Party at Dennis and Diane's House. Starting about 5:00. The traditional Christmas dinner of Fijitas will be served. Bring a dish if you can. Dennis's drink maker will be running. Let them know if you are coming so they don't run out of food.
12/15/19Christmas Shopping and Wrapping DayWe will be shopping for the three Foster kids our club is helping. Please gather at the Birchwood Mall at 1:00 by the marry-go-around. We will shop for the items we didn't get earlier. Then go to Jim and Donna's house to wrap them. If you have wrapping paper please bring it.
12/18/19Christmas Party/
Pheeding Phrenzy
We have an oppertunity to get City Flats for our Christmas party. Things are still in the works. More details to come.
12/25/19Merry Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho
12/25/19Happy Birthday Jimmy Buffett!Happy Birthday Jimmy Buffett!
1/1/20Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

Quote Of The Month

Kelly Parker to Steve Padgett: "For someone who doesn't trust me with a fork you shouldn't bend over 500 times in front of the truck that I'm driving."