Place and Time
April/May/JuneMonthly CharityGot Your BackPack
We are helping put together back packs for the homeless. Please collect personal hygiene items, $5.00 gift cards to fast food restaurants or indiviual packed snack items. Please try to bring the food items on the last month. We will be getting a wish list soon and posting it at the bottom.
5/11/21 Club Meeting and SocialLynwood Bar, Marysville on the deck. Social states at 6:00 and meeting a 7:00. Don't forget your Hangie or you will get a "Sinners Fee" of $1.00!
Time to renew your dues!!
5/29/21Phriday Pheeding Phrenzy on SaturdayThe annual Memorial/Victoria Day Party at the Racz's house 4780 Maitland, North Street. Turkeys go in the deep fryer at 3:00, party starts at 4:00. Bring your drinks, a chair and a dish to pass.

Quote Of The Month

Tom Lozowski: "It's a light saber."
Jim Howard: "No it's a smoke saber."